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Monitor your prescription drugs (control access, quantity, and track refills)


Secure them in a safe place, like a lock box or locked cabinet


Dispose of unused medications properly


Don’t share your prescription medications with others


If it wasn’t prescribed to you, don’t use it


Be aware of yourself and others when using prescription medications (be mindful of any changes in mood or behavior)


Talk to family and friends about the dangers of prescription medications


Report suspicious activity


*This image is from NCPIE, National Council on Patient Information and Education.

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Below are charts that reflect the amount of Schedule 2 and 3 presciptions (substances that have a high potential(2) or potential(3) for abuse) that are dispensed in the 21 county NMRE region.




  • Fact:  Michigan had 2,335 overdose deaths in 2016. 1,689 were opioid-related, up from 1,275 opioid-related deaths in 2015.
  • Fact:  MAPS Data indicates 690,782 Controlled Substance Prescriptions were dispensed in MI equaling 47,943,624 units prescribed in 2016.
  • Fact:  On 4/29/17, National drug Take Back Day, Michiganians gave back 20,370 pounds of unused prescription pills, according to the U.S. DEA.
  • Fact:  There are over 23.5 million people in long-term recovery in the U.S. from a substance use disorder. People do recover and get well.
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